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There was a girl, a beautiful girl surrounded by people. Yet utterly alone. Her brother Chris died sophomore year. She spend all of her time secluded with her family, or in the comfort of books. I watched her for all of high school, waiting for the perfect moment to talk to her, but that, that moment never came. I watched her as people gradually forgot about her. She seemed content to disappear. But not to me. Although she didn’t know it, I saw the possibility of us.

Favorite Movies | Electrick Children (2012)
“…But then I felt something… a special kind of feeling that leads you to a specific direction… and then I found it…”


Daydream nation (2010)

"l’ll give you something you’ve been obsessing about…ever since our parents got married."
"Be more specific."
"In English? I’ll fuck your brains out."