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Anonymous sent: Hey :)! what are your thoughts on fast times at ridgemont high? I've been doing an 80's teen movie marathon and that one keeps being recommended online, but i'm not sure if i should skip it or if it's a must-see. I'm more into the cheesey romantic comedy type but if you or any of your followers have seen it, is it worth a try?

I wish I could help more but I haven’t seen it since much like you I’m the cheesy rom com type. Athough, I think seeing it for yourself wouldn’t harm since it’s a classic. You can always turn it off if you don’t like it and switch to the pick up artist or something ;)

followers, please, share your opinions with my lovely anon here

toofarlefttogo sent: Can you recommend some good indie teen movies like Normal Adolescent Behavior or Dare? Your blog is wonderful btw. :)

Teenage dirtbag - it’s a MUST.
Also G.B.F. is popular lately.

Thank you for the nice words!

cats-over-boys sent: hey i just wanted to say that this is like the best blog omg anytime i need a movie i come here, so good :)xx

omg thank you so much!


was she in a teen movie? (ever?)

a-sin-to-kill-a-mockingbird sent: Ooh Winona without a doubt


free-winona sent: Winona! She is definatly the classic, origional teen queen


Anonymous sent: Winona Ryder, Alicia Silverstone and Kirsten Dunst <3 icons

ok thank you vor voting!

oskarschells sent: hey! love this blog! some more i don't see on the list are beware the gonzo (2010), contest (2013), afterschool (2008), elephant (2003), & igby goes down (2002)

wow thank you so much! I’ll make sure to add them

scavengerhuntsman sent: I don't know if you take requests but you're missing Whip It

I know, I was never actually sure if it was a teen movie?… it sounded like a sports movie… I mean it could be a sports movie about teenagers I just don’t know… I’ll add it if you say I should :) thanks!

Anonymous sent: Name all your fav movies?? Pls

my favorite teen movies or in general? 

teen: 10 things I hate about you, the breakfast club, teenage dirtbag, reality bites (and basically all that are giffed on my sidebar fall somewhere near)

overall: marvel movies, forrest gump, 500 days of summer…