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without any particular reason I’m gonna list the most important teen movies in my life:

  1. 10 things I hate about you - still pretty much the only romantic comedy that I consider both funny and romantic. It’s perfect and it’s one of my absolute favorite movies, like top 3.
  2. Some kind of wonderful - this story means so much to me and their world has just right, perfect imperfections.
  3. A walk to remember - this movie grew on me through the years. Whatever I didn’t like in it when I first saw it, if I ever need to watch a sad one, this is my go to title. Classic.
  4. Say anything… - with the greatest portryal of a love that has no other purpose whatsoever which makes this feeling unique and the whole point of everything.
  5. Raise your voice - if you ever need a kick to follow your dreams and forget all the setbacks and how the real world actually looks like, I reccommend this one.
  6. The breakfast club - seems like it doesn’t need an introduction, but you never know. You will not understand how but this movie will get you like no other film or even a person ever could.
  7. Teenage dirtbag - the greatest love story ever told in a teen movie? Pretty much.
  8. Strike! - a beautiful, feministic story that taught me friendship, strenght and I’m pretty sure it taught me about boys too (I saw it at a young age ;)
  9. Can’t hardly wait - for all the cheesiness and laughs you could ever want from the 90s.

There are many more great teen moves (Ferris Bueller that makes you want your own unnecessary musical scene in life, Pretty in Pink that taught me that you aren’t always the main character of the movie, Mean Girls that turned out to be absolute classic, Pump up the volume with it’s raging angst) but these ones particularly warm my heart.

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gonna go fixing my sidebar in a minute but before that I’d like to announce the teen movie queen you chose a month ago (and I forgot):

  1. Molly Rinwald (10 votes)
  2. Winona Ryder (6 votes)

Mila Kunis, Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone, Melissa Joan Hart, Lindsay Lohan, Ione Skye and Mary Stuart Masterson got one vote each.